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melissa eapen

Melissa’s professional and personal journey is a great example of what happens when you merge the power of creativity, the love for business and the thirst for adventure into one. An established business owner, international traveler, passionate adventurer and inspired writer, Melissa is always on the lookout for ways she can continue to inspire, empower and encourage others.

Having switched university programs three times before graduating from university in psychology, Melissa has always lived life on her own terms. From being a psychology student to a firefighter, she soon discovered her passion for entrepreneurism. With her business partner Emma, she turned a love for adventure into a full-time career by co-founding three businesses that are all about helping people experience exciting adventures and create cherished memories.

Today, she serves as the Director of Business Development for Improbable Escapes. Inspired by a Times article about how the best value for your money comes out of experiences and time spent with loved ones, Improbable Escapes helps people come together and discover their next adventure.

Through her journey in education, traveling and business, Melissa has learned some invaluable lessons that she is excited to share with the world. Like a snow globe filled with glimmering treasures and art, each of her past experiences have helped to illuminate her future. Through the anecdotes, stories, travel tips and personal thoughts here, you’ll discover sources of inspiration to guide you along for the future and help you live to your fullest potential. Whether you are looking for ways to improve your career, tips for a new travel destination, or strategies to expand your network, Melissa’s blog will help you learn something new.

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