My Camping Experience This Autumn at Frontenac Provincial Park

For the first time in my life, I went camping at Frontenac Provincial Park in the County of Frontenac.

This beautiful region of South Eastern Ontario is approximately 4000 square kilometres, located about 30 minutes away from Kingston (which means it’s really close, so you should go there if you can).

I didn’t really know what to expect. I spent some time in this part of Ontario for the Travel Campaign for South Eastern Ontario, but we didn’t have a chance to go camping.

Here’s a video from that experience that shows Land O’Lakes, which is located in this county. Pretty neat, eh? #socanadian

This video was filmed in 2017 for South Eastern Ontario (formerly The Great Waterway)

I hadn’t really ever parked my car and hiked into a campsite before, especially in October (when it’s so cold… brr!). I always thought that camping was supposed to happen in the summertime, and anyone that camped in other parts of the year was crazy! Boy, was I wrong.

Look at the beautiful colours!

Look at the beautiful colours!

Ksenia and I left from Kingston and picked up Abbie at her home in Hartington, South Frontenac. Ksenia and I were blown away by the scenery and nature that we saw while driving through the County of Frontenac. I hadn’t ever been to this area before, and it was nothing like what I would’ve expected. The autumnal colours were absolutely stunning.

After picking up Abbie, we drove to Frontenac Provincial Park and hiked up to our to our campsite. The hike was incredibly beautiful. It’s difficult to explain this type of beauty in words, so here are some pictures to help me try to explain it:

It was the perfect temperature for hiking. It was cool, but because we were carrying large backpacks and hiking, it helped ensure that we wouldn’t overheat. We arrived at the campsite that was located on the water and incredibly beautiful. We had the entire place to ourselves! We hitched the tent and started gathering wood for a campfire early so we wouldn’t be tripping in the dark trying to find some.

The entire experience was pretty magical. It’s really hard to be upset or in a bad mood when surrounded by beautiful nature and incredible people. Being that isolated and surrounded by beauty put us all at ease. It blew my mind that we were so close to home. (If you live in Kingston, you definitely have to go check it out).

Here are some tips if you’re camping in colder weather:

1. Find a good destination for cold-weather camping. Luckily, I’ve already figured this one out for you.

2. Watch the weather. The weather fluctuates quickly, whether due to precipitation or temperature. While we were camping at Frontenac Provincial Park, it rained overnight but we were prepared!

3. Don’t overpack. I think this is a general camping trip, but we definitely packed way too much food on our trip. If you want a beautiful spot at Frontenac Provincial Park and want to hike there, make sure you’re travelling lightly.

L-R: Ksenia, Me, Abbie. We wore a lot of layers and brought a lot of food!

L-R: Ksenia, Me, Abbie. We wore a lot of layers and brought a lot of food!

4. Bring and wear layers. Wearing layers such as fleece and synthetic materials will keep you warm. Avoid cotton clothing!

5. Make sure you have enough firewood. Dry firewood can become hard to find in autumn. First, make sure there aren’t any burn restrictions in the area, and gather wood early in the day so you’re not struggling to find some in the dark

6. Bring a headlamp. With colder weather comes shorter days, and headlamps help you gather items in the dark!

Also, one of my fondest memories from this trip was cooking some “spider weenies”. They’re quite simple and I recommend you make them while camping at Frontenac Provincial Park!

Spider Weenie Recipe


1. Find a hotdog. Any hotdog will do.

2. Use a sharp knife, start on one end of the hotdog and cut along the length of the wiener into halves, then make two lengthwise cuts into each half. Only cut about two inches in.

3. Repeat on the other end of hotdog.

4. Put hot dog on a stick.

5. Roast hotdog over a campfire and each leg will curl up. When all legs are curled and it looks lightly roasted, you’re set.

And voila, you have a spider weenie!

A brief video of us making Spider Weenies at Frontenac Provincial Park!

If you’re looking for something to do this fall, I’d highly suggest hiking and/or camping in Frontenac Provincial Park. Don’t let the cool air stop you; you’ll be very thankful for it when it cools you down from all the hiking and other activities you can do there!

Would you ever go camping this fall at Frontenac Provincial Park? Let me know!

My favourite picture from our trip! Look at those fall colours, the still water. It's so peaceful!

My favourite picture from our trip! Look at those fall colours, the still water. It's so peaceful!